Washington DC Nutrition Degree Programs, Online Included

There are over 5 nutrition degrees in Washington DC with a few different options to find an online nutrition degree at a university in DC. Multiple degree levels at undergraduate and graduate levels are available. There are Bachelors or coordinated degrees for undergraduate students and Masters in Nutrition or Public Health degree programs at the graduate level.

The most common nutrition program in Washington DC is a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition. These programs are a four-year track leading towards a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics Degree. After graduation, students can apply to an ACEND supervised practice program, also known as a Dietetic Internship. Beginning January 1, 2024 the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) will require a Master's degree to become a RD.

There are other online nutrition degrees available in DC, however they are not accredited by ACEND.

School Program Admissions
American University Online Master’s in Nutrition Education
Study the scientific principles of nutrition and learn to develop scalable nutrition education programs and intervention skills.
George Washington University Master of Public Health
Earn an MPH in 12 Months With GW’s Online Program. CEPH Accredited. GRE waiver available. Complete in as few as 12 months.
American University Online Master of Science in Health Promotion Management
Program meets the eligibility requirements for Certified Wellness Practitioner (CWP).
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In depth review of top online nutrition degrees in Washington DC

There are online nutrition degrees in DC. There are currently no universities that offer an online ACEND accredited nutrition degree.

However, American University and George Washington University offer online non ACEND accredited nutrition degrees. While these programs are based in Washington DC both students in and out of state can benefit from the flexibility online platforms offer.

Online nutrition degrees in DC

University Degree Program Accreditation Format

American University 

Online Master of Science in Nutrition Education Online

American University - MS in Nutrition Education

American University offers an online Master of Science in Nutrition Education. The program prepares students to obtain the Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) credential. While the program is online, students can attend both in person and virtual networking events, webinars and connect on social media. Students are also matched with a faculty member for ongoing support throughout the degree. Courses include Health Communication, Vitamins and Minerals and Nutrition Program Design.

To qualify for admission, applicants must submit a resume, statement of purpose, transcripts and send in a $55 application fee. A phone interview with an advisor is also required. No GRE needed.

American University - MS in Health Promotion Management

American University also offers a fully online MS in Health Promotion Management. It is a 30-credit-hour program and can be completed in 20 months. The program prepares students to become a Certified Wellness Practitioner (CWP) through the National Wellness Institute. The program combines health and wellness topics with business management. Courses include Data Analysis in Health Sciences, Health Communication and Behavior Change in Health Promotion.

There are fall, spring and summer start dates. To apply, students must submit a completed application, two letters of recommendation, official transcripts, purpose statement and resume. A $55 application fee is also required.

George Washington University - MS in Health Sciences in Integrative Medicine

George Washington University has an online Master of Science in Health Sciences (MSHS) in Integrative Medicine. The program has a nutrition concentration and prepares students to sit for the Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) exam. It is also accredited by the American Board of Integrative Medicine (ABOIM). The MSHS is 100% online and has 36 total credits. The program can be completed in 30 months. Example courses include Nutritional Immunology, Advanced Nutrition: Biochemistry and Food Technology.

Application requirements include official transcripts, a current resume, completed application and two letters of recommendation. An undergraduate GPA of 3.0 is required. No GRE needed.

Are there ACEND accredited nutrition and dietetics degrees in Washington DC?

There are no ACEND accredited online nutrition degrees in Washington DC. However, there are non ACEND accredited online nutrition degrees. American University and George Washington University both offer those degrees. Despite not having ACEND accredited online degrees, there are many in person accredited nutrition degrees in DC.

In depth review of top campus based nutrition programs in Washington DC

Washington DC has many ACEND accredited nutrition programs offered on campus. The programs include a Bachelors of Science in Didactic Programs in Dietetics, Masters of Science in Nutrition, and Coordinated Programs. On campus learning allows students to forge connections with other students, professors, extracurriculars and more. Howard University and University of the District of Columbia all offer on campus ACEND accredited nutrition degrees. George Washington University offers a non ACEND accredited nutrition degree.

Howard University- Coordinated Program in Dietetics and MS in Nutritional Sciences

Howard University offers a Coordinated Program in Dietetics. The program is a 122 credit ACEND-accredited Bachelor of Science degree. It combines DPD courses with supervised practice. Example courses students will take include Nutrition Biochemistry, Microbiology and Food Service Management. Howard University also has a MS in Nutritional
Sciences.S Students can choose between two tracks: community nutrition and experimental nutrition. Students can pursue original research tailored to their chosen track. The MS is 34 credit hours.

To be considered for undergraduate admission, students must complete an application, submit all transcripts and have a prerequisite GPA of 3.0. There are fall and spring admissions. Graduate admission is done on a rolling basis and requires an online GradCAS application, undergraduate degrees and letters of recommendation. No GRE needed.

University of the District of Columbia - BS in Nutrition and Dietetics/DPD

University of the District of Columbia has a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and DPD program. The degree consists of 120 hours and is ACEND-accredited. There are 27 credit hours of general education, 54 credit hours of core nutrition courses and 39 credit hours of science supportive courses. UCD is a land-grant university and allows students to work directly with farms and the community at large. Courses include Organic Chemistry, Therapeutic Nutrition and Anatomy and Physiology.

Students must submit official test scores, transcripts, a $35 fee and application documents to apply. There are fall, spring and summer admissions.

George Washington University - BS and BS/MPH in Nutrition

George Washington University offers a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition with various concentrations. Students can pursue the Nutrition Science, Pre-Medical Professional and Applied Nutrition concentration. The Nutrition Science concentration is recommended for students planning to pursue an advanced degree in dietetics and become a Registered Dietitian. GWU also offers as BS/MPH in Public Health Nutrition. This dual degree prepares students for a career in various areas of nutrition. Example courses include Biochemistry, Microbiology and Metabolism in Exercise and Nutrition Sciences.

To apply to the undergraduate degree students must complete the Common Application and send official transcripts and test scores. The BS/MPH does not require GRE.

Typical online nutrition coursework at universities in DC

  • Introduction to Nutrition - This course introduces students to the basics of nutrition. Students will learn about the different macro and micronutrients as well as their functions, metabolism, dietary sources and deficiency symptoms.
  • Nutrition Education - This course introduces the principles and methods of nutrition education. Students will learn how to develop programming and intervention skills relation to nutrition and health.
  • Community Nutrition - This course breaks down economic and health disparities at the local and national level. Students will learn about the various food assistance programs offered and how to provide nutrition principles to diverse or under resourced communities.
  • Campus-based and online dietetics and nutrition degrees in DC

    University Degree Program Accreditation Format

    American University 

    Online Master of Science in Nutrition Education Online

    George Washington University


    Howard University

    BS in Coordinated Program in Dietetics ACEND Campus

    Howard University

    Nutritional Sciences (Ph.D.) Campus

    University of the District of Columbia

    BS in Didactic Program in Dietetics ACEND Campus

    What to know about becoming a Registered Dietitian in in DC

    Many steps are required to become a RDN in DC. The first step is to earn a degree in the area of nutrition and obtain a verification statement from ACEND. Currently, either a bachelor’s or master’s degree from an ACEND-accredited school will suffice. All ACEND- accredited programs include the required DPD coursework. However, beginning January 1, 2024 a masters degree will be the minimum requirement to sit for the CDR exam.

    Once the ACEND program is complete, graduates are eligible to apply for the dietetic internship. Both individuals who have earned a master’s degree or bachelor’s degree must complete the DI to become an RDN. ACEND also offers coordinate programs which combines the DPD coursework and internship.

    After completing the degree and internship, there is an exam administered by the CDR. Those who pass the exam will earn the official title of Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

    There are additional requirements to obtain licensure in DC.

    The first step towards licensure in DC is to complete the New License Application for Nutritionists and the Application Checklist for Nutritionists. This includes two recent passport photos, a copy of government-issued photo ID, name change documents (if applicable), moral character reference forms, CDR exam verification, official transcripts and supplemental information forms. A $264 application and license fee is also required. The fee and documents goes to the District of Columbia’s Board of Dietitian and Nutrition, under the Department of Health and Health Professional Licensing Administration.

    The D.C. nutritionist license expires on November 1 of odd-numbered years. To renew the license, you must complete at least 30-hours of Board-approved continuing education credits within the 2-year licensure period. Example continuing education activities include attending nutrition seminars and conferences or taking a nutrition undergraduate or graduate course at an accredited college. To maintain RD credentials with the CDR, 75 continuing education credits are required every 5 years.

    Organizations to know for nutrition in DC

    DC Metro Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (DCMAND) is an affiliate of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. DCMAND is open to nutrition professionals and students in the DC Metro Area. The organization offers self study CEU opportunities as well as in person and virtual networking events. There is also a mentorship program designed to guide student members who are seeking to become RDs.

    Nutritionist career options in DC

    There are various job opportunities for registered dietitians in Washington DC. RDNs can work in corporations, private practices, health care settings, sports teams, schools and more.

    DC Nutrition Programs
    Information about these DC nutrition programs was hand-gathered through a lot of research on the web. Several sources we used include: ACEND, ASN, CEPH, IPEDS, and more. You can also contact us if you see a missing school or program, or a degree needs adjusted.

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